Thursday, August 7, 2008

1st day of school

Morning all! I just wanted to post this pic of my babies headed off to school this morning. We went yesterday to Open house and met the teachers.

Last night when we got back to the house I was talking with Brayden reminding him how he had to sit in class and listen. I dont know how it is where your kids go to school but here going from Pre-k to K is like night and day. They get to play and have center time and 2 recesses in pre-k. They do most of their reading and lessons in the morning. In K they have center time once a week and no recess (just PE) and hes a full fledge 5 yr old boy. Very active!LOL! Anyways...I was talking to him last night telling hime he had to be a big boy and it hit me he was going to Kindergarten!!!! I got a little weepy and he looked at me and said "Mama dont worry I'll be your baby boy even though Im a big boy!" Yep that did it!

I'll be back later with a card to share!

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Neva said...

Such a cute pic of my babies. They all look so happy to be headed off to school. I bet in 5 yrs you will not get those same smiles on day 1 of school.LOL. Enjoy them while you can. Do you think Maddie will EVER catch up on her height. She is so tiny, that is why she can sneak around so easily. LOL