Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Crayon Resist

Yesterdays TLC was crayon resist. Splitcoast is down this morning but for the tutorial go to forums>challenges>Technique Lovers Challenge.

I need alot of practice on this technique!!! I chose ballet blue, pink passion, and lovely liliac for my colors and doodle this stamp set. I love the doodled look and thought the crayon resist technique would be good to use with this stamp set because you use the white crayon to resist the ink and highlight. It also a great way to use y9ur glossy paper I bought some 6 months ago and probably have cut 1 full sheet out of it.*GASP*
Isnt my baby a doll!!!!!!!!!!!! This is Alana's pic from graduation day Friday. All the kids were so cute and the teachers did such a great job putting it together. Now I have a funny little thing to share this morning, Friday when they were graduating each graduate was given awards-class and school etc. Well Alana received an IRA Reader of the Year award, Star Reader of the year award, Public Speaking award, and Most Inquisitive Award now I only know this because she came home with these and I actually got to look at them b/c during the ceremony as she was walking they were calling off her rewards the second one they called was the Most Inquisitive Award and my Mom and I all but ROFL. You would have to know my daughter but this was just hilarous!!!!! My Mom walked by me b/c we were filming and taking pics and said HMMMMMM!Wonder how she got that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Alana is a 6 year old so she talks constantly and has to know "WHY" for everything!!! Ya gettin my point here!! It was so funny b/c my Mom and I were so busy laughing we had no idea what other awards she got! Just a note they only gave 2 Most Inquisitive Awards out of 4 classes. I can just picture Alana in school questioning everything....so cute(sometimes).
I know yesterday I promised a new template but ran into a few probs so I will post it tommorrow.

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Neva said...

Very gorgeous card. Love the colors you choose.
Beautiful child, she looks just like my daugher. :)