Friday, July 25, 2008

Madison Toothless

In all the dirty craziness this week I forgot to share this with you! Madison lost her first tooth Sunday morning. They had to sing in church that morning and I was picking on Maddie telling her she would have to whistle the song!LOL!
Anyway she lost another one Wed night! She pulled it! I couldnt believe it. The one Sunday morning just kinda fell out but she actually pulled her tooth Wed night. Thank goodness cause Mama cant do that!LOL!


Neva said...

You better not be picking on my Maddi Lou, she is so cute snaggled tooth. I cna not believe she lost the ones on bottom before top. Guess she is saving those for closer to Christmas so she can sing that famous song. LOL

peanutbee said...

Oh, isn't she sweet!!