Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Brayden Hulked up

I had to pop in here tonight before collapsing in bed!LOL! Brayden had a great day today! We will be going to see the Hulk tommorrrow for the rest of his bday since we just ran out of time today! We went to his fave restaraunt to eat lunch. He has been so excited all day! My MIL wanted to let them throw the pie in his face at La Cabana and I said No way since he had on a new outfit. He is hulk to the bone here including is new hulk unders (that was his call his underwear uhmm when he wears them!LOL!) His nickname is Commando!LOL!

Okay so I have to share a story about why I had to run home and post this pic. My family will appreciate this pic more than anyone! My fave pic of me as a little girl is of me standing in my Daddys boots which of course went all the way up my thighs!LOL! Im standing there giving everybody my Hulk growl!LOL! I was quite obsessed with the Hulk as a little girl. I love this pic of Brayden just b/c of my pic. I cant wait to scrap them side by side! Isnt it funny how history repeats itself! I know as my Moms reading this she probably has this huge smile on her face and is LnOL!

These are Braydens huge Hulk hands to smash and crash! When you hit them against each other or other things ( like his big sisters!) You hear the hulk growling and saying Dont make me angry! You wont like me when Im angry! So fast forward to a couple of hours later when Brayden is enjoying another bday present his new Sports pack to go with his Wii. It has a tennis racket, bat, and golf club. He loves his Wii! Well of course the girls wanted to play and took it from Brayden. What does he say! Dont make me angry! You wont like me when Im angry! In his best growling Hulk voice! It was so funny I couldnt even scold him for not sharing!
Lastly is a pic of Braydens cupcakes. It kinda looks scary!LOL! But of course its the Hulk. FYI half of these cupcakes ended up being destroyed in a cupcake fight I innocently started! Long story will have to share later lets just say thank goodness it was at my MIL house and not mine!LOL!
Have a great night! I'll be back in the am with a sketch challenge card!

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Neva said...

Oh No Shannon, those pictures are darling. Not only was I smiling but crying at the same time about the "Hulk Growl", you were so cute in daddy's boots that day. And yes you were and still are obsessed with the HULK, LOL. Those cup cakes are just adorable. I know he had a fit over everything. Well you can not say "he is Brayden, he's 4 years old" anymore.LOL.