Saturday, July 5, 2008

Family Reunion

Sorry in all my excitement about my card on Friday I forgot to mention I would be MIA this weekend. We have a BIG family reunion 4th of July weekend. We had an awesome time but no stamping! Hopefully I will get to play tommorrow. Kids are passed out they've had a big day! We just got home from a big fireworks show. Brayden hid behind the truck most of the time b/c he thought the fireworks were coming to get him!LOL! Hope you all had a great holiday!


Neva said...

Bless his heart. Them fireworkds better not get my baby!
Did Madison keep her fingers in her ears? I know how she hates loud noises, except her high pitch squeal. LOL. What did Alana think about the sparkles in the sky? Glad you guys had a great day with your Dad and his family.

Deborah W said...

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