Monday, September 24, 2007


Madison had to go to the eye doctor last week b/c she failed her vision screen at her yearly check-up. After going we found out she needed glasses and we went this weekend to pick out her frames. She was so cute! They had a selection of frames that would fit her face and I told her to try them on and make two piles. One pile for the frames she liked and one for the ones she didnt like. There was only one pair in the dont like pile.LOL! So we narrowed it down to a pink, blue, and purple pair. I was suprised when she picked the blue pair but they look so cute on her b/c of her big blue eyes. She wanted to take them home that day but I had to explain to her they had to put Madison lenses in the glasses just for her. This is her first pic w/her new glasses.

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Neva said...

You know what, to be as ugly as I am I sure do have some beautiful grandbabies don't I?
Thoses glasses look so cute on her. Give her a big hug from Nana and Papa.