Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fire Dept.

I posted earlier Brayden had his first field trip today. They went to the fire department. All the kids were so cute! They had one guy get into all of his gear and explained to the kids to not be afraid and it never occured to me how scary they look!LOL! They had a cute little video w/songs to help the kids remeber fire safety and Little Richard was in it. All the parents were laughing so hard! All the kids were given a hat and badge after the field trip and here is Brayden in his hat after school today. Aint he cute!LOL!
Madison came home today w/her glasses in one piece. Thank goodnes. But bless her heart they have rubbed a place on her nose.
Please pray for Alexa! She is Lauren's (mytime) little girl who has cancer. Alexa got sick w/pnemonia and is in the hospital. Lauren has been planning a princess bday party for Alexa that she has been so excited about! The birthday party is this weekend and it breaks my heart to think she will miss her party she has so looked forward to. Please keep them in your prayers. You can click on the sidebar for Laurens blog.

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Neva said...

Brayden thr fireman. Tee Hee. Hope he don't learn to start fires so that he has to put them out after. Tee Hee