Sunday, March 2, 2008

What my hubby did at work

My hubby called me Sat and told me he was looking at an alligator behind the Walmart in Tifton. I thought he was full of it and he came home and showed me these pics. It looks like he got alot of work done doesnt it!LOL!

He was standing in the back of Walmart waiting on this truck to deliver you can see the chain link fence in the 2nd pic so the alligator couldnt get into the parking lot. The kids thought it was cool!LOL! Madison doesnt call it an alligator its a croc-a-didle!LOL! She's so cute when she says it!LOL!
You would have to know my hubby to know his sense of humor and how he LOVES to irritate my Mom so when she asked him if they called animal control and what was he going to do about it his response was wait til he gets about 8 ft long and get someone to wrestle it and put it on pay per view!LOL!

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Neva said...

My SIL is just a little retarded but I am glad you love him. LOL