Saturday, July 7, 2007

Pick a Petal

I made this card a few days ago and Im just getting around to sharing it with you. When I first saw the new in colors I couldnt wait to see how groovy guava looked with cool carribean. My card base is guava. The strip is carribean with the flower center stamped randomly in carribean. I stamped canvas in guava on WW and did fingerwalking for a more subtle look. The petals of the flower were stamped in carribean on WW. I stamped the center in guava on WW and colored the center in w/my carribean marker. The ribbon is from ribbon and bow oh my. I also used my HH that I got can you believe this is the first time I've gotten any from SU!?!?!?
If you dont know how to make your own in color markers let me help you....The blender pen tip comes out this is how you refill it. If you dont have the refill recipe email me and I will send it to you. Okay back to the take the tip off and soak it in drops from your reinker I think about 5-6 then you put tip back on and you have a in color marker for omitting, color spritzting, etc. My fab upline showed me this after she went to regionals. You can get 1 pack of SU blender pens and make all 6 incolor markers and use a address label on each end to identify you colors.
We have a family reunion tommorrow and then fireworks again tommorrow night here a local farmer always has a huge fireworks show for the town. We have a couple we hang out with that has kids about our age so we are all going to get together tommorrow for the show and let the kids go crazy!


Neva said...

Was not that crazy about this set til now, thanks for increasing my wish list from the new catty, now I gotta work some overtime. Very cute.

Corie said...

Cute card -- Love the color combo.