Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dino Party

The dino party Saturday turned out really great! I was soooo happy! This is Braydens cake I had made for him. No one had anything to do a dino cake with (cake kits, etc.) I had a bunch of little ldinosaurs left over from the rocks so I told them how I wanted it decorated and added the animals myself. The candles are some I got from the Dollar Store awhile back. Brayden loved his cake! He was so funny the whole day he was so excited. He didnt understand that his birthday party was on Sat. but his birthday was Sunday so when everyone was telling him "Happy Birthday" on Sunday he keep saying "its my bday AGAIN!" The second pic is from the dino dig. BIG HIT at the party!

Okay cute little story to share. Sunday DH had to go help my Dad put on a range hood and brought Braydens card back w/him. Brayden was opening the card and Dad had put 10 $1 bills in the card. Well you know how kids do stuff Brayden just opens the card and money just starts falling out of the card. My MIL and I starting running to him trying to grab the money playing w/him like we were going to take his money. So he's standing there w/the money clutched at his chest and yells "I got a million dollards!" SO ADORABLE! Okay I know I have a biased opinion but he's so cute!

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Neva said...

You are not the only one biased, he is cute, or at least his Nana and Papa think so. We had a great time at the party and these pics turned out really good.