Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dino Party Goodies

I thought I'd share with you the buckets I made for Brayden's Dino Party this weekend. We are having a dino dig so I made each of the kids their own dino bucket. I got the buckets at Dollar Tree and it came with a shovel. Each bucket has bubbles and a cello bag stamped w/the dinos and filled with candy and a dino.

Brayden is getting so excited about his party. This is actually his first party that's just for him. Madison's bday is Aug 23 so we usually had their party together about the 1st of Aug so that is was in b/w their bdays. I think every party they have had has been a pool party.

Okay funny story to share I have no idea how me and my DH have survived these 3 children of ours with our weak stomachs. My Mama seems to get a kick out that for some reason....anywhooo I hate coffee and the way it smells! Well the dino rock recipe is coffee, dirt, flour, salt, and water. Digusting!!! You should have seen me and DH trying to make the rocks last night! LOL! They look like dino doodie instead of dino rocks!!LOL!

Hope you have a great stampin day!

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Neva said...

You wus. Can't take coffee, one day you are going to love that coffee.