Monday, July 30, 2007

3 Little Fishies

Hello all! Hope you had a great weekend. We had a great time Saturday at Chehaw the kids loved the birds of prey show and seeing all the animals except the goats cause they stink! teehee! The kids werent too thrilled w/them. I had a terrible ear & tooth ache the entire day but tried to ignore it and enjoy the day w/the kids. As soon as we got home I loaded up on medicine and passed out!LOL! Needless to say I didnt do any challenges from Saturday. I did get to work on some yesterday I will post later in the week. For today I wanted to share with you a RAK I received with an awesome story behind it.

I was going through the gallery after I posted my challenge card one day(I dont remeber what challenge) making comments on others card and seeing what they had came up w/for the challenge and I stumbled across this card by Cindy aka Mothermark on SCS. The title of the card was 3 little fishies and I started singing this song in my head my Granny Hickey (yes her real last name) used to sing to me. So I click on the card and starting reading Cindy's story for the day. I love looking at her cards and reading all her stories.LOL! She made this card thinking of the song and all she could remeber was the part of the chorus. So Im laughing and jumping my chair and make a comment with the verse that I remeber from the song. Within minutes Cindy sent me a pm saying That's it! So I tell Cindy my Granny used to sing me that song and she wanted my address to mail me the card in honor of my Granny. Of course the first thing I do is grab the phone and call my Mom. I tell her to look the card and read Cindys story and to read my comment and shes about half way through reading my comment before we are both balling! Its so funny how Cindy had no idea when she made that card that she would make our day by bringing back such a fond memory. My Granny Hickey passed away years ago and I miss her dearly! I wish sometimes she could put my babies in her lap just once and sing this song to them like she did for me. The verse I commented on Cindys card was this:
Down in the meadow in a itty bitty pool
swam 3 little fishies and a mama fish too
swim said the mama fish swim if you can
and they swam and they swam right over
the dam.
You can see Cindys card w/all the other comments about her card I think BadSherry posted the name of the song and the singer in her gallery on SCS. Just click on Memeber galleries and type in Mothermark in the search field>go and it will pull up her gallery. A big thank you to Cindy for this card! Its definetly one I will never give away!


Mothermark said...

Hi Shannon!

Well what a bunch of saps we are because in reading your story with a picture of my card on your blog, I have been brought to tears. This is the kind of stuff that gets to me and makes my husband just grin and roll his eyes! You are right, I had no idea...but isn't it cool how this came about. I remember that song from my childhood and it is such a happy little verse....This old mind of mine just can't always get the words!!!

Your mom was so cool about it too!
You made my day by posting this, gave me warm fuzzies!

Happy Monday!

Neva said...

Just remember Shannon when you get to the chorus you really have to do the chooooo with a deep breath so your hair blows. Ha Ha. That is what used to make you giggle in her lap.
I wrote Cindy and poured out my heart. That was just too sweet of her to send it to you.

Melissa said...


Jeans inky hugs said...

Super! Love the color's and your Background is awesome...

Hey you're from S.GA I see.

That's cool, I have a sister who lives in Moultrie GA. She is a stamper too!!