Thursday, August 16, 2007

Still no computer!!!!

Hey everyone! Well nothing is ever easy right?!??! After coming out Tuesday to check out my modem we discovered that my modem wasnt fried it was my ethernet port so I went and bought a new card and cable....still no internet so then I find out the piece inside the computer that holds the card was fried. Arent computers fun??!!! Needless to say I still have no computer and I plan to camp out in the office tommorrow until they get it fixed!LOL!

You would think will all of this I would have extra time to stamp. Kids started school and I have some cute stories to share. Danny is on vacation this week and we have completely torn apart our kitchen and put it back together this week. New paint, floors, etc. It looks so nice! Hopefully I will be back tommorrow!

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Pat's Paper Passion said...

Oh My Gosh!! I don't think I could be without my computer for more than a day...and then you've been busy remodeling your kitchen--BRAVE WOMAN!