Thursday, August 2, 2007

Inspiration Challenge

What inspires you with this paint sample? The main thing for me was color! I love color its what draws me to a great card.

This was one of the challenges for the Dare to get dirty challenges. There was also an ATC challenge. I love atc's they are 31/2 x 21/2 and great to have for ideas like layouts color combos etc. I chose to combine to create an atc with the colors that in the paint sample.
I love blues and yellows together so I used summer sun, brilliant blue, and bashful blue. I was at my Moms stamping when I made this so I dug into her CTMH stamps and saw this flower that reminded me of sun rays and the sentiment and my atc was born. I stamped the sentiment first then stamped over it with the flower in summer sun. I wanted the flower centered in the middle of the word light so that it looked like sunrays coming out of the word light. I layered the sentiment on bashful blue. The strip of yellow is summer sun although it looks orange in the pic and I applied 3 bashful blue brads.

My shelves are completed and I will have some new stuff to share with you tommorrow. Im so happy with the shelves my husband made for me perfect to hold all my paper! Now I love my dh and he loves to build stuff for me but usually when I try to describe what I want to him the outcome is very different! I just dont say anything b/c I dont want to hurt his feelings and I never know if I just didnt describe it to where he understood what I wanted or he just didnt listen. Thankfully this time we both were on the same page! Tommorrow will be one week before school starts back for us. We go to open house and meet the teachers next Thursday. I am not looking forward to having 2 at home doing homework. Its insane the amount of homework they sent home w/Alana last year in KINDERGARTEN! I never had homework until like 3rd grade. I cant image what shes going to come home w/in 1st grade but at least I know what to expect with Madison in kindergarten this year.

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Neva said...

Great way to be inspired. I on the other hand sometimes have a very difficult time with inspiration. Kinda comes like my hot flashes, in spurts. LOL.
Love the card.
As for school, I would not count on knowing what to expect, the rules seem to change year to year. I do not remember having homework until the 4th grade and then it was just a couple of things. 5th that was a different story and never home on day 1 w/homework. Usually day 1 was time to get situation, get to know each other, pass out books. Now day 1 begins just like in college. Educators need to remember, these are STILL young children that need play time, adjusting time in class and time to be a kid at home not sit at the table for 3 hrs doing homework at the age of 6. Off my soapbox.