Friday, August 10, 2007


Hey everyone! During the lightning storm last night my cable box got fried so Im offline until Tues. when they can bring me a new modem! Sorry! I have some cute new Hambo stamps still to share w/you and I had two packages come in today! Hopefully I will be back online early Tues. Hope you have a great weekend! P.S. Kids went to school today and my ds teacher didnt put him on the bus and left him up at the school so Im sitting in Omega in a horrendous line to pick up the girls and I thought get him off the bus and I get a call from DH saying Brayden is still in Tifton 25 minutes away! Not a very good first day!


Jeans inky hugs said...

Sorry to hear about the storms!

Hope you all are ok.

Hey I was in your area back in May 2007 Dh and I stayed at Reed Bingham State Park, While we were visiting my sister who lives in Moultrie,

She's a stamper too.

What a small world!!

Take care.

Kim Forsyth said...


Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the super cute RAK! I love the card and have it displayed in "the treatment room"!