Monday, August 20, 2007

First Day of School

Okay Im back!! No computer issues, husband at work, kids at school (big sigh)! I promise I have some cards to share with you but first I wanted to share a pic I took of my crew on their first day of school last Friday. Brayden did so great....Mama not so great. I did wait until I got out of the building to cry! He has already gotten sick though the only disadvantage to him not being in daycare. He has also gotten Alana and Danny sick in the process. Nothing major just sniffles and coughing.

I told you we were remoldeing our kitchen last week and Im happy to report it is finished (except my part of course)!Danny left a huge mess that I have been cleaning today and hopefully will be finished before school gets out today.

Yall know Im a dork right!??!! LOL! I had a class yesterday and looked at the calendar and noticed today is the 20th and I kept thinking that the date was something important well its my stepdads bday but I remebered that so it wasnt that. As I was pulling into the yard from the class I remerbered why the date sounded familar! Card swaps!!AACCKKK! I hadnt even started on them yet and they were 10 full cards. So I spent last night coloring the 10 images and finished putting the cards together this morning. (another big sigh!) I usually go ahead and finish my cards a day or two after I sign up so I dont have this to worry about, but LIFE has happened lately. School, SU classes, remodeling, etc. time just snuck up on me.

My blogger is going to have some down time today so I will try to post a card later tonight.

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Neva said...

Aren't my grands GRAND. They are so cute all dressed up and ready for their 1st day at school.