Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Warning: Vent and LONG post

Sorry no post yesterday. If you dont want to read my long drawn out story scroll down to the pics. I had the day from h**l yesterday. My day started with being woke up by AWFUL weather lightning that was lighting up the house..thunder that literally shook the house. It lasted about 2 hours and was gone as soon as it started so we could get on with our plans for the day w/o any weather. We were getting ready to go to Valdosta b/c my cousin is here from Alaska. He is in the navy and was stationed in Hawaii for 5 yrs. then he got moved to Alaska and he's there for 5 yrs. The last time he was home Alana was 3 months old. Let me start by telling you a little about my car-lately my car is turning into a ghetto car! You know the is almost paid off, warranty has expired and everything in it starts going. For some odd reason my AC and windows wont work when you turn on the card unless you jiggle or push on the key. When my engine gets warmed up and Im in 4th gear and I have to stop like at a stop sign/light(like on 319) my engine jumps and my car will not go past 2nd gear its like it gets heres the ghetto part. If I pull over and restart the car its fine....until I have to stop again. This has been going on about 2-3 weeks now. My Dad is a mechanic and cant seem to find the time to work on my car for me. Story of my life. He was supposed to work on it this past weekend but I obviously intruded on his plans so he didnt work on it. If you know me personally you know the complicated story of my Dad. There are just so many things built up and they all came to head yesterday when once again he couldnt/wouldnt help me. So back to when we were at the gas station getting ready to head out to Valdosta. My air wasnt coming on so I jiggle the key still no air/windows wouldnt come down. I tried this about 3 times then started to push on the key and as I did this my key broke off in the ignition. WHAT??!!! My car completely shut off while Im in the middle of the gas station driveway. So, guess who I have to call.....Daddy. He actually comes through this time he was on his way to help me. While waiting on him I started fiddling w/it to see if I could at least get it to crank since the key was in the ignition. Got it cranked, called Daddy and he sent me to Tri-State lock. It took the guy 2 minutes and $6 to get my broken key out and make a new one. (Big sigh of relief) So I called my cousin again to tell him we would be on our way and loaded up the kids. Crunk up the car no air/windows wont go down. By now I scared to jiggle/push on the key. So I fiddled with it a few minutes...NOTHING. SO I said forget it! I called my cousin told him it just wasnt in the cards for us to see each other today. Me and my 3 head back to Omega-no AC no air PERIOD. We were all sweating our butts off b/c we couldnt let the windows down and the only thing coming out of the AC vents was HOT air from the engine. So we get home and I end up having to call my Dads friend at another shop to look at my car. Well their parking lot has been broken into 5 x in 3 weeks so I have to go there at 5:00 to see IF he has enough room to house my car inside for the night. My hubby goes to work at 6 a.m. and they dont open until 7:30 so that option was out. So I had to find another option to get my car there and get an alternate car. So I called my Mom and she let me use her truck. So that was checked off the list. My MIL was going to meet me @ the shop to drop off my car-Check. Now I needed a back-up plan in case he couldnt store my car overnight. So took a deep breath and called Dad. My Dad lives 3 miles down the road from me and has to PASS my house to get to Tifton where the shop is, so I ask him if they cant house my car could he pick it up in the rollback(wrecker) and take it to Grimes on his way to the shop. My Dad drives the wrecker everywhere b/c he's always on call so I thought this was no big deal. His answer was he would have to wait until tommorrow to see if he could. So I said "So, youre saying not to depend on you as a option". So I got my car to the shop @ 5 they had enough room to houe the car.(bigger sigh of relief). MIL took the kids went to a stamp class. On the way home I called my Dad to tell him I got my car to Grimes and they would start on it the morning. Longer story short what I said to him completely got turned around to me saying that he was not dependable. A few tears and harsh words later my Dad hangs up on me. So my awful day ended with me crying myself to sleep about my Dad AGAIN!

Okay now for the card.. I made this card for Beate's weekend sketch challenge I love doing sketch challenges! I borrowed my Mom's In Full Bloom set that she just bought from my upline. I never bought this set. Another one of the sets I loved all the creations from it just never got around to buying it. The card is the gate fold. It was super easy to make and super fun! The first pic is the front of the card and the second pic is the inside of the card. The bee circle helps keep the card closed. All images were colored with SU markers.

Paper: Brilliant Blue, Summer Sun, Green Galore, WW

Ink: markers in above colors, Sahara Sand marker

Embelishments:gold brad

Stamps: In Full Bloom-retiring.


Neva said...

I am so sorry you had such a crappy day, but I am glad you had someone you could count on. Just keep in mind, ALL of God's children will answer on judgement day to a higher being and HIS wrath will be poured out upon us. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. He is your Dad and bc of that you will love him and show him mercy even when he hurts you deeply.

stampingranny said...

I love your gate fold card! I am currently having a gatefold challenge over at my blog! If you want to play enter this card as your entry! Great candy surprise! Deb