Thursday, June 21, 2007

CTMH Circle Album

Remeber I told you we made a circle album the other day well I finally got around to adding pics to it and finishing it up. Let me start this post by saying I wasnt too thrilled w/how my album turned out that night. I think it was more the paper than anything. For about 4 yrs everything in my house was safari. I went safari crazy! About 2 yrs ago I completely got sick of it and started getting rid of all my safari/palm tree stuff. Anywhoo when I saw the paper was safari type paper I cringed. My first intentions were to come home and completely redo the album w/some different paper but thought about it and didnt. I went thru my pics and found some close-up pics of all of my family that were taken @ a church supper on Valentines Day. I didnt have a pic of all of us together for the cover so I decided to put the theme of the album instead. I hand wrote everything in the album except the title. I think the title was the typewrite alpha from CTMH. I also added a button to the front. The theme of the book is The many roles the erskine play in everyday life. As I was looking at the pics of my kids and they funny looks they had on their faces I thought about Bill Cosby as himself. It you havent seen this you have to! Its old but it hilarious! In it he talks about the nightly routine at his house and all the roles the kids play. So thats how my album was born. As I was writing each of the roles for everyone in my household I decided to add an animal that kinda represented the role b/c of the safari paper. So then I tured my album into something I was really liked. Again I didnt want to post all the pics but with this album I did want to tell you about the pages I didnt post. The first page has "Its a jungle in here" on it with some flowers and buttons with the date of the album. The second page is Daddy. The lion-The enforcer. The second page is Mommy The giraffe-The referee who oversees. The third page is my DD Alana I have to explain this pages a little to tell you why I decided on this for my daughter. The hyena-The informer. I know all of you have seen the Lion King well the hyena are always telling the lion everything that going on. Same thing at my house! Alana tells all!LOL! The next page is Madison. The monkey-the entertainer. I dont think I have to explain that page. The next page is Brayden The snake-The sneaky, slithering instigator(sp). So I finished two albums yesterday! Yahhhooo! Today we have a bday party the one w/Cinderella so I will definetly be taking some pics! Hope you enjoyed my albums and stories. I also wanted to say Thanks to Catherine and Kim I now LOVE my album I made!

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Nana said...

My grandbabies are the greatest in the world aren't they? This is just too adorable.