Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Girly sfytt

When I saw the colors in todays challenge I thought GIRLY! So I pulled out this Livin the girls life set from H & M stamps. I used Jens sfytt for the layout. This little girl reminds me so much of my oldest daughter. She says she wants to be an artist. She loves sitting down with me and stampin up!LOL!! I still cant believe she will be 8 yrs old this Valentines day. Boy does time fly!!LOL!

I think I forgot to mention on here but Im so very proud of her!! She won the writing fair for her school. Her paper is now going to county. She is so excited b/c they took her pic and are going to put her paper and pic up in the mall. It was so funny b/c the day after we found out she won the writing fair her and another little girl were on the news where their school went to see an iced over farm down the road from the school. I have some cool pics the school sent me that I will post later.

Granny is home and well!! Yayyy!! Unfortunately I cant go see her b/c Ive still got this cold and she told me to stay away!LOL!! The kids were so excited to see her pull in her drive they darted out the door. Now that everything is fine I can tell you how very scared we were that we were going to lose her! It was a very stressful month and Im glad its over!! Have a great day!!

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Neva said...

You have got to stop making me look bad by doing the inside of the card too, LOL. I love this. So pretty and great use of today's colors.