Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Ive been a very bad blogger but what else is new!?! Ive been tagged lately by a few super sweet bloggers. Thanks Christine, Vicky, and Lori. Thanks ladies sorry its taken me forever!LOL!

Okay so 7 random things about me.....

1. I love watching cartoons with my kids especially Disney cartoons, Flinstones, Scooby doo and Smurfs. Its so fun they like all the cartoons I did when I was a kid mainly b/c I dont let them watch alot of the cartoons on now! Alana went through a Strawberry shortcake phase and I actually found a doll last year that was just like a doll I had when I was little! When you squeeze her tummy she blows strawberry kisses! Madison went through a Care Bear phase and I think she has just about every Care bear and cousing they make!LOL! I love having girls!!!LOL!

2. I shave my arms! Most people dont laugh when I tell them but its actually a funny story! Okay so Im a pretty hairy person! I hate it! I blame my Mama! The family joke is if my Mom would have eaten one more banana when she was pregnant with me I would have had a tail! This was my Dads response the first time he seen me!LOL! Not something you want told to your boyfriend when youre 16!LOL!...okay so on w/the story....so it was the night before my wedding and me and my two best friends were at my house hanging out having a little wine and playing around and one of my girlfriends dared the other two of us to Nair our arms. Yes very childish but what can I say we were drinking wine!LOL! So we did it! BIG mistake!LOL! My dress was long sleeves and by the time I finally got out of my dress I had a big rash on both arms! Very painful and it still left patches of hair on my arm!!LOL! So after the rash finally went away I had to do something b/c I still had patches and it looked ridiculous and there was nooo way I was going to use Nair again!!LOL! So I just shaved them and Ive been doing it since!

3. I had to have kidney surgery when I was 5 yrs old and my roommate in the hospital was a boy named Shannon Rooks (my maiden name is Brooks) and we were in kindergarten together the next year!LOL!

4. My nickname at a bar I used to work at was Bubbles!LOL!

5. I love drummers!LOL! Ive always had a thing for them and now Im married to one!

Man this is hard......

6. When I was a teenager I used to have a wooden day bed and I would lay under it and talk on the phone with my friends well...I started doodling one night (you know typical stuff like Gwen and Shannon BFF or I love ___)under it and I just kept doing it!LOL! So when we moved the bed out for a full size bed you should have seen my Moms face!LOL! I laugh thinking about it now!LOL!

7. My dad used to drive a tractor trailer and I loved going with him! We used to have so much fun!!! He used to haul dirt, rocks and sod and one of his friends had a daughter my age and we always went with them and would play and on the rocks and dirt after they were dumped out of the trailer!

Okay so 7 things you probably could have lived without knowing about me!LOL! I'll be back tommorrow to post some RAKS Im so behind on posting! Have a great night!

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Kathy H said...

lol...great stories...