Monday, October 6, 2008


Sorry Ive been MIA. I had a crazy LOOONNNGGG week! Super busy! I had to ride the bus w/the pre-k kids which meant I had to get up and be at the school to load the kids on the bus by 7:15 and it was almost 4 before I got home. I didnt event think about stamping(Gasp!)LOL! 20 prek students will take it out of you!LOL! But on Friday afternoon my husband made my day!! We got a blessing and went out to celebrate! Saturday the kids had a football game and Braydens team lost (pout!). He actually had to sit out part of the game b/c the teams were uneven. I was so proud of him for being such a sport about it! The girls went home w/their Nana and me and Brayden went SHOPPING and had a great afternoon just me and him!! Sunday we just layed around the house watching movies and coloring! I have to work again tommorrow but I will be a stamping maniac come Wed!!

I will be back tommorrow to announce the blog candy winner! Thanks for everyones sweet comments! Looks like just about everyone loves candy corn or caramel apples!

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