Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lots of pics!

Well I did get to stamp something FINALLY today and wouldnt ya know it started sprinkling and the wind was so bad NO PIC! So I thought I would share some pics from this weekend.

The first pic is of Madison at her field trip last week to the pumpkin patch. This was her second year going but this year they had a new inflatable bouncer that the kids could jump in. When Madison realized the thing closed up she quickly and politely told them she was NOT going in there!LOL!

The next pic is of Mama and Jessie at the costume party. Jessie was sooooo funny that night! We had a blast! He was a drunken pirate and believe me he fist the part!LOL! The kids thought he looked funny with this pirate wig.

These are my little superheros! They were so cute posing for the pics!LOL! Brayden- superman, Madison-supergirl, Alana-Wonder Woman. My neice Makayla did NOT like Danny or Brayden's masks and they both thought that was funny and tried to scare the poor child all night long!

The last pic is of my whole gang. Danny was the devil very fitting(just kidding) and I was part devil and part angel. My little ones are posing away again!LOL! Hope you enjoyed looking at my pics!


Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS) said...

Shannon, these pictures are awesome! I LOVE those costumes! Looks like you had a blast! Thanks for sharing!

Neva said...

Jessie really did play a drunken pirate as if it was natural, you would never know he never takes a drink. The sun was so bright and I normally wear sun glasses so I look mad, but only at Danny for terroizing KK with his devil mask.