Monday, December 17, 2007


We're home. My Mom posted the previous post for me so you would know why I wasnt posting. Brayden is doin better. We still have to go for some follow up labs to check his white blood cell count his is very high even for an infection so they want to monitor it. He had pnemonia buidling in his left lung so thankfully we caught it and he had RSV. Basically all of his problems were respiratory. He scared me so bad Saturday Ive never seen him like that and dont ever want to again! He can go back to school tommorrow so he's happy. They have a field trip and class party this week that he didnt want to miss. Hopefully now everyone will stay well! I have alot of things to finish up this week before Christmas so I will be posting to share what I've made. Be back tommorrow!


Sharon in NE said...

How stressful, but I am SO glad you followed your intuition and took him into the ER.

Neva said...

who is happier to be out of jail, you or him? Glad my baby is better.